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Caroline H. Sheppard
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Caroline H. Sheppard’s social work experiences include providing therapeutic clinical social work services to children and families in a Day Treatment Program and a Community Mental Health Center. Following her clinical experience, Ms. Sheppard worked as a School Social Worker.

In 1998, Ms. Sheppard’s first book, Brave Bart:  A Story for Traumatized and Grieving Children, was published. This story was inspired by her involvement with the Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC), while participating in their trauma and loss certification programs training as well as a research project.


The author’s second book, Shadow Moves (2003), addressed issues surrounding difficult and traumatic moves for children and her most recent children's book, Brave Bart and the Bully (2012), brings back the main character, Bart, (a kitten in the first book) as an older and wiser cat who helps the kittens in his neighborhood with bullying.  The books are currently published by Starr Global Learning Network/TLC.

Ms. Sheppard’s career path changed when her parents needed her help.  At the time, she was involved in a nonprofit children’s organization as a volunteer. Once her caregiving from afar began, she never returned to her position as a school social worker.

Ms. Sheppard hopes that by sharing her own personal experiences with long- and near- distance caregiving for five different family members over a fifteen-year period, coupled with the knowledge and insight gained from her professional background, her stories will help others when faced with similar challenges.

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